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What are digital congresses?

Digital corporate congresses enable the transmission of updates and latest advances on a specific topic in any sector to all attendees regardless of where they are. They bring together speakers and attendees in a single digital environment and provide them with a networking area, stands and content, private sponsor meetings and sessions, generating an experience similar to a physical congress. Regardless of whether the event is a medical or corporate congress, the eNubes platform guarantees the success thereof.

What types of digital congresses can be held?

A digital congress can be held by any company, council, academy, association of any industry, be it pharmaceutical, medical, economic, energy or educational. Open and private digital congresses can be managed on a regular basis or held on demand

What are the advantages of a digital congress?

Among many other advantages, they facilitate the presence of international experts as speakers without having to travel to the site of the event, reduce costs for organisers and attendees, prevent a significant loss of time and enhance interaction between attendees and sponsors. They also enable large numbers of people located at different geographic venues or in different locations to come together at the same location.

How are digital congresses organised?

The organisation of digital conferences is a simple task thanks to the eNubes Digital Congress software platform. The eNubes production and organisation team dedicated to the implementation of the congress accompanies the client at all times in the organisation and execution of the event.

What features can I include in my digital congresses?

The features of the eNubes platform are extremely varied and cover practically all the needs of a conference in digital, hybrid and in-person format. These features include:

  • Before the digital congress:
    • The delivery of invitations and confirmation of attendance.
    • The programme and agenda for the digital congress.
    • Instructions for attendance and reception of research work.
    • Sale of tickets and accreditations for the congress.

    • During the digital congress:
      • Registration on the congress platform with a username and password.
      • Open or restricted access to those attending the presentations in the auditorium, virtual or physical set with camera equipment and live performance.
      • Trade fair premises with congress sponsor stands.
      • Content area with the possibility of a search engine for jobs, documents and publications.
      • One-on-one networking meetings with customised agendas by videoconference.

    • After the digital congress:
      • The possibility of extending the access time to the platform once the event is over, access to deferred presentations.
      • Certificates of attendance, download of diplomas.
      • Delivery of satisfaction surveys by e-mail.
      • Delivery of a thank you notification via e-mail, with an analysis of the results of the congress.
      • Download of attendee data to generate a database.

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