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What are virtual showrooms?

Our virtual showroom platform enables you to customise and configure your virtual exhibition and share it with your clients. It is an interactive experience that provides you with a totally digital environment in which you can tour any facility or area.

What types of virtual trade showroom can be held?

Regardless of the product you wish to market, our technological solution will enable you to do it in a perfectly efficient and safe manner: virtual industrial showrooms, virtual real estate showrooms, virtual fashion showrooms, virtual construction showrooms, virtual health showrooms, virtual transport showrooms, virtual agri-food showrooms, virtual energy showrooms and much more.

What are the advantages of a virtual showroom?

Virtual showrooms combine the best of traditional product displays with the ability to analyse new products from anywhere in the world. They save time and money, are cheaper than creating and maintaining a physical showroom, are totally sustainable, eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for travel. Moreover, they are a portable experience, adapt to the needs of the client anytime and anywhere, are customisable and self-manageable, have the ability to play around with design ideas, products can be combined and customised in accordance with the client´s needs, they are measurable, and the impact and productivity of the vast majority of the event´s activities can be calculated.

How are virtual showrooms organised?

We use technology to deal with all kinds of items ranging from a comprehensive catalogue of industrial machinery, construction materials and medical products to small tools and engineering processes. This is the perfect way in which to showcase products by enabling clients and distributors to discover a whole range of items in a personalised virtual environment. Clients can browse at their will, explore products and compare what is available.

What functions can I include in my virtual showrooms?

  • Before the virtual showroom: Definition of the product to be displayed regardless of the quantity, organisation of different stands in accordance with type, enrollment and registration of attendees with a qualification form, ticket sales, delivery of invitations and reminders by e-mail.

  • During the virtual showroom: Access to the showroom, access to pavilions and stands with download of content and one-on-one meetings, a networking area for attendees and sponsors, a content repository with a search engine and dealings with visitors, arranging meetings to provide them with details of your product in a personalised manner. Surprise your client with images, videos and product data sheets! Would you like to exhibit your products in 3D? We can help you too.

  • After the virtual showroom: Analysis of the showroom data, find out who has shown interest in each product and turn this interest into leads and sales.

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