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What are hybrid events?

A hybrid event is the combination of an in-person event with a digital event, enabling attendees and speakers to participate in both ways, while guaranteeing the same experience and advantages each of them provide.

What types of hybrid events can be held?

Hybrid events provide users with an immersive digital experience and an in-person experience where first-rate content is one of the keys to involving everyone at any time: interactive round tables, live streamed conferences and presentations, training workshops, hybrid trade fairs with visits to stands and the viewing of audiovisual materials, among many others. Hybrid events are the perfect means to maintain the natural interaction of physical events and to achieve greater impact and reach by facilitating the participation of an interested audience from anywhere in the world.

What are the advantages of a hybrid event?

A hybrid event provides you with the unequalled experience of an in-person event and all the advantages of a virtual event. Attendees can choose which parts of the event they want to attend in person and remotely, thereby increasing their interest and participation and enabling them to organise themselves in accordance with their needs. Moreover, if an attendee has missed a part of the event or it was held in simultaneous sessions, all the content will be recorded on the platform for deferred viewing. Speakers at hybrid events can participate either remotely or in-person, thereby ensuring better quality content adapted to their resources. A hybrid event provides the organiser with exhaustive control of everything that is happening, both in the digital world and in the in-person event. Hybrid events reach a broader audience and provide interactive experiences, connecting participants at all levels with no limitations.

Furthermore, the digital part of a hybrid event will significantly reduce the impact of your event´s carbon footprint, caused by attendees travelling, the printing of materials and wasted resources.

How are hybrid events organised?

A hybrid event involves organising and developing a single event in two dimensions: virtual and in-person. We at eNubes have our own multi-purpose online platform featuring all kinds of content and activities and that provides users with an immersive experience without the need to travel, in addition to giving us the opportunity to work and operate in the best scenarios and sets in Spain. This scope is what has led many of our clients to hold their trade fairs, congresses and other large-scale events in hybrid format.

We have a multi-disciplinary and specialised team entrusted with organising hybrid events in a comprehensive and proactive manner, including the development of the original idea, the organisation of the event and the analysis of the event a posteriori, providing our clients with a comprehensive 360ᵒ service strategy adapted to the needs of each corporate hybrid event.

What functions can I include in my hybrid events?

We at eNubes provide our clients with a wide range of functions adapted to the needs of each hybrid event:

  • Before the hybrid event: planning, enrollment and registration of participants, event announcement page, in-person area, ticket sales if necessary, delivery of invitations and planned reminders agreed upon with the organisers of the event, the agenda for the hybrid event, speaker and participant module or posters. < br>
  • During the hybrid event: auditorium or area reserved for the in-person event, spokespersons, cameras and technical equipment, control of access to the event, coordination of the organisation of catering, auditorium for live streaming of presentations, enrollment of presentations, workshop rooms, a networking area for participants, live competitions, virtual trade fair area, content or poster area, contact with exhibitors and many more.

  • After the hybrid event: recording of deferred presentations, certificates of attendance, interactivity at the event, content repositories and post-event satisfaction surveys. Without forgetting one of the biggest advantages of the digital side of a hybrid event: post-event analysis. We will analyse all the data on the event in a detailed and simple manner, thereby enabling us to ascertain the degree of success, to conduct measurements and to gather all the necessary information in order to establish levels of impact and repercussion.

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