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Audiovisual Production

We provide you with a comprehensive audiovisual production service for the execution of your in-person, virtual or hybrid events, whereby we prepare the framework based on a briefing, create the script and the story and prepare the editing, execution, post-production, voice over and final assembly of all the audiovisual elements. We use the most innovative technologies and solutions: 4k resolution, interactive and customised videos and much more.

Execution of events

Our team boasts vast experience in the execution of all kinds of events, be they in-person, virtual or hybrid. We deal with the entire execution of your event, regardless of whether it is in-person or remote. We choose the best plans, include videos, introduce speakers and always strive to achieve the best possible experience.

Recording of presentations

We at eNubes have our own audiovisual production department for recording presentations and events. Our team has the experience and the latest technology to ensure a successful recording, both outdoors and indoors.

Repeat transmission of the event on site

We can be part of the transmission of the event. We move the necessary equipment, cameras, microphones, production equipment, regardless of whether the speakers are in the room or broadcasting on a remote basis from anywhere in the world over the internet and in real time.

Design and production of materials for the event

We ensure your event bears the image your company needs.

Event entertainment

Including entertainment at the event ensures attendees enjoy a unique experience and take an unforgettable recollection of the event and the organisers away with them. We at eNubes manage the participation of performers, organise competitions and draws adapted to budgets, themes and type of attendees.

Presenters and hosts for your virtual event

Our communication team provides us with access to well-known people from various sectors to hire as masters of ceremonies and hosts of the event.

Multichannel technical support

We leave nothing to chance. That is why we provide attendees, speakers, exhibitors and organisers with a technical support structure to help them at any time by phone, e-mail or live chat. Being close at hand is essential to ensuring levels of satisfaction.

Delivery of Welcome Packs or exclusive content to participants

Make your event even more memorable by giving participants gifts or exclusive content. We manage suggestions of ideas for Welcome Packs, the production and delivery of materials both to the event location and by courier or via eimail in the case of digital content.

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