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What are digital events?

A digital event is the production of an event through the digital world. It is accessible to speakers and attendees from anywhere and from any device connected to the internet and simulates the experience of an in-person event.

What types of digital events can be held?

Any type of event can be held digitally. Examples include: virtual trade fairs, conferences, round tables, digital congresses, showrooms, webinars and symposia.

What are the advantages of a digital event?

The digital format increases the capacity to disclose the event, reach a greater number of participants and facilitate the interaction of international speakers unable attend in person. Furthermore, digital events save both attendees and speakers time, costs and reduce the consumption of materials and emissions, thereby contributing to the protection of the environment.

How are digital events organised?

Our digital events platform organises and executes events using our own software and produces streamed chats, presentations and round tables to be viewed live by unlimited audiences connected simultaneously.

What features can I include in my digital events?

Our digital events software platform features multiple features that can be activated and deactivated in accordance with the specific needs of each event. They include:

  • Before the digital event: ticket sales, event announcement page, enrollment and registration of participants, delivery of invitations and reminders, event agenda and speaker module.

  • During the event: live auditoriums, registration of presentations, workshops, networking area for participants, live competitions, virtual trade fair area with stands, area for posters and contact with exhibitors.

  • After the event: deferred presentations, certificate of attendance, content repository and post-event survey.

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