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What are virtual events?

Virtual events are held entirely in a digital environment, where speakers, attendees, exhibitors and sponsors connect from wherever they are on any device connected to the internet, simulating the experience of a physical event. Virtual events enable organising companies to bring together thousands of attendees to participate in any kind of traditional event.

What types of virtual events can be held?

Any event you can imagine can be organised virtually. Some examples of virtual events are: virtual trade fairs, virtual congresses, virtual product presentations, virtual presentations, virtual concerts, virtual corporate events, virtual conventions, virtual celebrations, virtual business meetings and many others.

What are the advantages of a virtual event?

First of all, virtual events enable you to expand the scope of your event and reach a far greater number of people in other countries. Moreover, they result in significant savings in both time and money for the organiser, exhibitors and participants, as no-one has to travel and there are no physical venues or materials involved. Not forgetting that virtual events are eco-friendly and enhance the association of the brand or product with technology and innovation. In addition, they enable you to monitor and analyse the data on your virtual event in a simpler and more precise manner, accessing information such as what percentage of the invitations sent were opened, the total reach, the number of attendees and viewing times, among many others.

How do I organise a successful virtual event?

Our virtual events platform enables you to hold a tailor-made event with infinite possibilities and a user experience totally focused on the virtual world. The platform is designed to meet all the needs of the market and to organise a virtual event, taking care of the details and enhancing the experience of a physical event.

We at eNubes boast an experienced and creative team capable of adapting to any need entrusted to us, thereby ensuring your virtual event is completely tailor-made. Each department is composed of specialists striving to optimise coordination, development, production and communication when organising virtual events.

What functions can I include in my virtual events?

Our virtual events software platform features multiple functions that can be activated and deactivated in accordance with your specific needs. They include:

  • Before the virtual event: enrollment and registration of participants, ticket sales, event announcement page, delivery of invitations and reminders, event agenda and speaker module, among others.

  • During the virtual event: auditorium for the live streaming of presentations, registration of presentations, workshops, networking area for participants, live competitions, virtual trade fair area, area for posters and content and contact with exhibitors.

  • After the virtual event: deferred recording of presentations, certificates of attendance, content repository and post-event satisfaction surveys and much more.

In addition, due to being an exclusive in-house project, the flexibility of the platform facilitates the inclusion of new features and improvements, meaning we can adapt all your ideas to meet your expectations and achieve a totally personalied virtual event.

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Some examples of virtual events we have organised

Countless companies have placed their trust in our virtual events platform: Geyseco, Felabán, Medatlantia, Repsol, National Psychology Congress, Hispasat, B. Braun Medical, Cohiba Habano and many others.

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Our greatest reward lies in meeting and experiencing the satisfaction of our clients. Our success in the production of events has helped us to establish a relationship of trust with all of them and to achieve our goal: that our clients come back and hold another hybrid event, corporate congress, virtual convention or digital trade fair and recommend us to other companies.
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