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Digital trade fairs

What are digital trade fairs?

This consists of converting a physical trade fair into digital format using an online platform that enables exhibitors, sponsors, speakers and attendees to come together in a single environment. The user experience is very similar to that of a physical trade fair.

What types of digital trade fairs can be held?

The same type of trade fair held in physical format can be created in a digital trade fair. This type of event applies to any type of company, sector or size of trade fair. Trade expositions, job fairs and business fairs are some examples.

What are the advantages of a digital trade fair?

Digital trade fairs have a greater scope and range of disclosure than a physical trade fair, as they increase the possibilities for attendees and companies to take part. They result in cost savings for organisers, companies and attendees. They are more sustainable, as they reduce environmental impacts and enable you to obtain better measurements and statistics on the event.

How are digital trade fairs organised?

Our platform is designed to adapt to the different types of trade fairs and functions. You will enjoy the guidance and experience of the eNubes team throughout the process, and they will accompany you at all times to help you create and organise your digital format trade fair.

What features can I include in my digital trade fairs?

Based on our experience in the implementation of digital trade fairs, our platform includes multiple scalable functions adaptable to any type of trade fair.

  • Before the digital trade fair:
    • Enrollment and registration of attendees with a qualification form
    • Ticket sales.
    • Delivery of invitations and reminders by e-mail. < / li>
    • Announcement page for the virtual fair, access to the agenda and participating speakers, visibility for sponsors.
    • Assembly of stands.

  • During the digital trade fair:
    • Access to the platform with username and password.
    • Attendance in the auditorium in open or private format, live or near-live transmission of presentations. Chat and live voting.
    • Access to pavilions and stands with content download.
    • One-on-one meetings between visitors and exhibitors at the stands.
    • A networking area for attendees and sponsors.
    • Content repository with a search engine.

  • After the digital trade fair:
    • Deferred access to the presentations.
    • Certificate of attendance and download of diplomas for both achievement and attendance.
    • Satisfaction surveys for visitors to the fair.
    • Post-event communications to attendees and exhibitors of the digital trade fair.
    • Access to content and stands.
    • Statistics and reports on the trade fair.

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