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What are virtual congresses?

This type of congress is a virtual environment attended by speakers and guests from anywhere in the world. Companies and organisations discuss matters of interest, disclose new services and products and share different points of view, transmitting messages and adapting the role of speakers to this new digital scenario.

What types of virtual congresses can be held?

We have organised online congresses for a wide range of sectors: medicine, pharmacy, medium and large private companies, public administrations, banking, scientific congresses, academic congresses, cultural congresses, artistic congresses and technology congresses.

What are the advantages of a virtual congress?

The advantages of holding a congress online encourage companies to invest in this new format. Time and money are saved and levels of attendance and disclosure are increased, thereby facilitating the presence of international speakers. Furthermore, a far greater number of users and guests will have access, and congress attendees will have the added advantage of being able to access unique content of interest without travelling. In addition, exchanging information online is extremely useful for technicians and professionals. Moreover, online events reduce your environmental impact and carbon footprint, eliminating the need for attendees to travel and avoiding the printing of physical material such as brochures and accreditations, among others.

How are virtual congresses organised?

We at eNubes have a platform designed to organise your congress and to centralise all your content in accordance with your needs. We organise your virtual congress in tailor-made fashion with no limits, as we provide infinite options for digital enhancement.

Our team of professionals will rapidly adapt to whatever needs arise, placing a comprehensive catalogue of services and solutions at your disposal to help you organise your virtual congress.

What functions can I include in my virtual congress?

  • Before the virtual congress: Enrollment and registration of participants, creation or review of the corporate brand image for the congress, ticket sales, delivery of invitations and reminders, event agenda and speaker module, sponsors, congress attendee database, etc.

  • During the virtual congress: transmission of the congress in the auditorium for the live streaming of presentations, a networking area for participants, live competitions, control of the digital execution of the congress, visit statistics in real time, management of online questions to speakers, communications on the programme to attendees by e-mail and push notifications.

  • After the virtual congress: deferred editing and uploading of presentation recordings, certificates of attendance, content repositories, post-event satisfaction surveys, detailed reports on the results of your digital congress and much more.

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