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What are hybrid conventions?

Hybrid conventions combine the physical and virtual worlds in order to achieve greater reach and support. In this way, the convention is more participatory and interactive between attendees, speakers and sponsoring companies. The biggest opportunity lies in the fact that a hybrid convention eliminates physical barriers and involves no geographical limits.

What types of hybrid conventions can be held?

Any type of convention can be extended in the virtual world. The scope of domestic and international business conventions can be expanded by combining both formats. And any sector, be it health, pharmaceuticals, finance, energy, food, etc., can take advantage of the benefits of hybrid conventions.

What are the advantages of a hybrid convention?

Hybrid conventions give rise to a greater scope and disclosure of the event for both attendees and sponsors, facilitate the presence of international experts who would otherwise be unable to attend, take advantage of synergies between both worlds such as the production and transmission of the event and access to digital content, thereby creating cost controls. Moreover, they are scalable and adapt to all needs and attendees can interact with the event regardless of whether they are there in person or somewhere else in the world connected via internet.

How are hybrid conventions organised?

Once the needs of your convention have been defined, we assign the functions to each format, generating synergies to optimise the human and technical resources and budget in question. The eNubes team will play an active part in the development of both the physical and virtual organisation of the congress.

What functions can I include in my hybrid conventions?

In addition to the functions and needs of a convention held in physical format, hybrid conventions feature the following:

  • Before the hybrid convention: Enrollment and registration of attendees with a qualification form, ticket sales, delivery of invitations and reminders by e-mail, announcement page for the convention, access to the agenda and participating speakers, content and documentation repository, visibility for sponsors, technical tests with speakers and live performance set.

  • During the hybrid convention: Control and access to the platform with username and password, attendance in the auditorium in open or private format, live or near-live transmission of presentations, live chat and voting, camera equipment, execution and physical or virtual set, simultaneous translation, a networking area for attendees and sponsors, private rooms for multi-videoconferences, a content repository with a search engine and document download, among others.

  • After the hybrid convention: Deferred access to the presentations, certificate of attendance and download of diplomas, satisfaction surveys, post-event communications, access and download of content, download of attendee files and the preparation of statistics and reports on the event.

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